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Geographic Rivals

Drew Cincinnati, Eleven, Louisville, USOC

The first official domino of the season has fallen and so fans of the Indy Eleven now know that the team will be playing in the USL. This has been conveyed to me several times that the league decision preempted all of the other decisions for the team. …

The Game Beckons
Indy Eleven Drop Tower

Drew Eleven, NASL Spring

Photo Credit: Theme Park ReviewThe off-season the past couple years in lower division soccer in the United States has been less like a roller coaster and more of drop tower. Emotions going from highs to lows quickly and slow painful waits to get b…

The Game Beckons
The Business of Soccer

Drew Eleven, NASL Spring, USSF

I originally set out with this site to write about soccer. All soccer. National Teams. MLS teams. NASL teams. USL teams. NWSL teams.College teams. However, it has taken a much more Indy Eleven-centric turn to it, mostly because I only have so many hour…