BYB to Offer Gold Membership to Season Ticket Holders

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The Brickyard Battalion and Indy Eleven are delighted to announce that BYB Gold, a new premium tier of BYB membership, will be offered first to Indy Eleven season ticket holders. “BYB Gold” will provide members special access to team events and discounts along with an exclusive joint BYB-Eleven scarf. All season ticket holders – regardless of where they plan to sit in the stadium – will be offered the first opportunity to claim BYB Gold membership when they place their second season ticket payment.

Unlike other supporters groups, we believe regular membership to the Brickyard Battalion should remain free and inclusive, with all the same benefits and value. We have partnered with Indy Eleven to develop further value with the creation of “BYB Gold” which will provide additional benefits for only $35 a year. This membership will begin in November of 2013 and run through the end of the 2014 calendar year. Below are the benefits of joining the “BYB Gold”:
  • A special Indy Eleven/BYB combination scarf
  • Special Access to “members only” practices with the Indy Eleven team
  • Special Access to Gold Member events with the team, including a Q & A session and a World Cup watch-party
  • Player signed card or photograph
  • Pre-sale access to limited team and BYB events, like tailgating and BYB conferences
  • Special discounts, offers and items from Indy Eleven corporate sponsors
  • Special discounts on all BYB merchandise
Indy Eleven has right around 500 season tickets left to offer and this is your last chance to get one before they are all gone! Don’t miss this opportunity to become a season ticket holder in the inaugural season of Indy Eleven, and of course to sit in the BYB section! You can purchase your season ticket here:
The start of the season will soon be upon us! We look forward to sharing the benefits of BYB Gold to a limited group this coming year. If you haven’t gotten your season tickets yet, we urge you to do so, and then join the BYB Gold!

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